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ABSENCES:  We encourage parents/guardians to call the Attendance Office (422-7309) prior to 9:30 a.m. to report that their student is absent.  When leaving a message, please include the student’s name, your name and relationship to the student, and the reason for the student’s absence. 

If the Attendance Office is not notified of the student’s absence, the student will be marked unexcused.  The parent/guardian will receive a telephone call from the Attendance Office reporting the student’s absence.

All absences remain unexcused until the parent/guardian contacts the Attendance Office to excuse student’s absence.

EARLY DISMISSALS:  When it is necessary for a student to leave school during the day, parents/guardians must send in a signed note requesting an early dismissal and the time to be released.  The student must deliver the note to the Attendance Office prior to 7:25 a.m. on the day that the early dismissal is being requested.  Students who have approved early dismissals must sign out in the Main Office before exiting the building.

A parent may come into the Main Office to sign their student out for an early dismissal.  Parents/ guardians are required to present identification.

To protect the integrity of instructional time, whenever possible, early dismissals must be at the beginning or end of instructional time.

Early dismissals are not permitted by a telephone call, fax, or e-mail to protect the safety of our students.  

When a student becomes ill at school, the student must report to the clinic for assessment.  The nurse will contact the parent/guardian.     

Please refer to the Fauquier High School Student Handbook for detailed information regarding early dismissals.

Click this link to view The Attendance Policy.

Finance/Attendance Office Staff:

Mrs. Pam Cubbage Supervisor, Finance/Attendance
Ms. Diane Johnson Attendance Officer